At Dance Box we take our time with the delicate process of fitting a pointe shoe. Therefore, we ask you to make an appointment to see us for your pointe shoe fitting. An appointment allows us to give you the best service and overall experience. Our pointe shoe fittings typically take place at our Coquitlam location because the bulk of our stock is there. Our Coquitlam location does take walk in appointments but we do recommend calling in first. Langley location is by appointment only.


To book an appointment, please call us at either location and  provide us with the following information.


  1. Your name, phone number, and the day you wish to see us.

  2. The name of your dance teacher and dance school.

  3. How many pairs of pointe shoes you have worn in the past.

  4. Are you allowed to wear padding in the shoes? If yes, what kind?

Please call to make an appointment
*Coquitlam location only


Balance European
Similar to the Balance, with a more tapered box and the inside of the shoe is narrower for a snug fit around the toes.
Features TMT, allowing the dancer to mold the shoe to the contours of their feet. Wide platform helps to support and stabilize the ankle and enables the dancer to balance more easily 'en pointe'.
The Eurostretch Stretch Pointe features:

Patented European Balance-type last combine the ultimate support and function
Unique stretch satin adheres to the foot like a second skin
Split sole design allows maximum stretch at the arch as the dancer moves from flat to pointe; never compromising the streamlined fit against the foot
A firmer pasting method called 'A Paste' has been incorporated to withstand conditions of heat and humidity
High and wide platform encourages easy wei
Flattering V shaped vamp, light and streamlined shoe. Shank is gently curved to hug the arch when pointing and allows flexibility and control.
Suited for the ballet dancer looking to strengthen and build her foot, with comfortable shape providing many internal contact points. Provides support with flexibility.


Lightweight pointe shoe.
Curved last.
Supple insole design.
The Jetstream pointe shoe has been created with an innovative box design exclusive to Bloch. The new EVA cushioned box molds to the contours of the foot for greater comfort and shock absorbency eliminating the need for additional padding. Carefully tailored upper lining to reduce creasing. Low profile for a perfect continuation of the leg line.
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Capezio Developpe
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Grishko 2007
A U-shaped medium vamp with a drawstring, medium platform, machine-stitched suede sole.
Grishko 2007 Pro
Pointe shoes for professional dancers that are specifically designed to be silent on stage. The shoe is based on the original 2007 and features a new, noise-reducing strip on the pointe platform and on the sole under the toes, a new and unique glue with latex to give the box additional elasticity, and a new box assembly slightly reducing the length of the stiff part of the vamp.
Grishko Elite
Grishko's Elite is a revolutionary shoe for dancers with short, even-length toes, who may find other pointe shoes too tapered, and for feet with extra width throughout. Elite's square shape features a short U-shaped vamp, broad platform, wide heel and supportive full-length shank.
Dream Pointe
The Miracle uses the same healing technology found in band-aides. Nano-silver particles are sprayed on a layer of soft material in the lining of the sole and box, allowing constant contact with the foot to promote healing. This technology neutralizes the harmful bacteria and fungi that cause unpleasant odors and infections. The Miracle is made on the same last as the 2007 but has a lower heel. Its flexible and elastic materials adapt to the shape of the foot the moment it is tried on.
Smart Pointe
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Mirella Whisper
The Whisper by Mirella is an innovative pointe shoe specially engineered to provide optimal comfort and support. A revolutionary soft suede outsole paired with noise reducing technology gives the dancer a Whisper effect en pointe.
Mirella Advanced
The MS101A is a streamlined and light Pointe shoe with a short open U shaped vamp and low cut sides thus revealing the instep.
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Features TMT, allowing the dancer to mold the shoe to the contours of their feet. Wide platform helps to support and stabilize the ankle and enables the dancer to balance more easily 'en pointe'.